About NZine

NZine is an ezine (electronic magazine) linking New Zealand to the world. Since 1996 NZine has been providing quality content about New Zealand life, travel, business, issues, history, geography and more. NZine traverses many areas with an openness to show New Zealand 'warts and all'.

Many of the past articles in NZine continue to be of relevance and ongoingly attract readership and search engine priority.

The NZine readership steadily increases as surfers discover this valuable resource and return to it regularly for new reading and information. At present NZine reader activity leads to more than three quarter million hits per month.

We have enhanced NZine with new features that help readers world-wide to learn more about New Zealand:

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NZine produced by Plain Communications Ltd

NZine's web interface and software were developed by Evanta, a division of New Zealand's Plain Communications Ltd that specialises in quality web applications, effective web design and solutions for online commerce.

Plain Communications provides a wide range of Internet Services in New Zealand especially solving issues for businesses wanting a broad strategy of Internet use, Web hosting, design, and web-based promotion.

The company has often been behind new and innovative development and was the first company to provide commercial web hosting in New Zealand.

The NetExpress division of Plain Communications provides software and equipment solution for the hospitality industry to be able to provide high speed Internet to guest rooms and Dialup Connections to home and medium to small businesses.

NZine is edited in Christchurch, New Zealand, but a significant percentage of the readership is international. Many of these people are intending visitors to New Zealand, and those planning a second, longer visit here, along with ex-pats living overseas.

NZine is evolving over time in style, interface and member facilities. The enthusiastic team at Plain Communications continues working to enhance NZine, adding useful new features for enhanced interaction with the readership and to support the online community that is NZine membership.

Readers email many positive comments and those who work on NZine are constantly impressed and heartened by the large number of visitors it attracts.

Editor - Dorothy Hunt

I edit and write for NZine and find it an interesting challenge. Teaching and language were keypoints in my first absorbing career. I taught Classics at the University of Canterbury, and Speech and Drama while bringing up a family, and then Business Communication - the oral and written skills needed for getting a job and performing well at all levels in the business world.

Peter and Dorothy

In my childhood, when I went on school trips I thought that having to write about them was a pain. Now the process of writing about my New Zealand travel for NZine is truly pleasurable! With school assignments the only feedback was the teacher's comment and mark. With NZine articles I not only get feedback from people right around the world, but many of the articles persist on the web for a period of years allowing the feedback and discussion to continue. This is a most rewarding aspect of this form of journalism!

It is an added interest having my husband Peter supporting me with my work for NZine. With his background in civil engineering and management he can offer an extra viewpoint on many topics and he takes many of the photos for the articles I write.


Webmaster - Pimmy

I enjoy being involved in NZine - publishing, scanning and preparing photos for the articles as well as integrating them to fit the layout. I contribute ideas and undertake HTML design work for the site.

I got my first degree in Humanities with an English Major in Bangkok, Thailand, and then I came to New Zealand for more study, first in Linguistics. I had always had a passion for computing and HTML and this led me to change to a focus on computer languages! I changed my field of study to computing and received a Graduate Diploma in E-Commerce at Christchurch Polytechnic majoring in Web Programming.

I really enjoy making NZine look visually appealing. I work with computers and telephones during the day and for my free time my special interest is web computing!